We specialize in:

  • Site inspection & evaluation
  • Mechanical & electrical consultation
  • Design & fabrication
  • Installation & maintenance
  • In-dept study to optimize quality control.

3D LED Sign, 3D Signage & Display Light-Box

In the recent years, the 3D LED sign or 3D signage and neon lighting sign have become popular signage choice among customers. In order to keep up with the demand, Goodview Advertising Sdn Bhd is also providing such signage with quality assured. All of our signage is well built and reliable. Our team of servicing specialists is always on the forefront to provide extensive customer service and maintenance to the products that our company delivered.

Hence, Goodview Advertising Sdn Bhd is always a good choice of signage supplier with our passion in developing our business of signage making. Customers can count on us for effective and affordable signage.

Sign Services

Beside Fabricating new signing, we also provide periodical maintainance for existing signboard, recondition, painting, cleaning, functioning sign and lighting when restore back new appearance & increase customer traffic. Our 3D LED sign, 3D signage and display light-box have also gain great popularity among customers.